Benefits you will enjoy as a TACO community member. . .

Clay Toltec HeadressOf course everyone joins the Toltec Apprentice Community Online for different reasons, and everyone enjoys different benefits and value from their participation. Here are some of the things you can expect from being an active member:

  • Membership in a supportive international community where you can share your truth and love
  • Connection to the lineage of an ancient and modern tradition of spirituality, healing, and personal growth
  • Awareness and clarity about how your mind dreams limiting beliefs and agreements
  • Transformation of old fears and resistance into new personal freedom
  • Improved relationships with your mate, children, parents, friends– and your own body, mind, and spirit
  • Transformation and release of habits and addictions that have controlled you in the past
  • The freedom to make clear choices about your life, and the liberation to make your dreams come true
  • Peace of mind, clarity of thought, and an open heart
  • An exquisite happiness that comes from inside you, and cannot be taken away
  • A life lived with passion, creativity, play, and joy– and a love and acceptance that shines forth and inspires all who meet you
  • The option to train as a TACO Mentor and guide others on this wonderful journey to wholeness and freedom
  • •••• And on to the Joydancer Teacher Training Program!


The training with Allan was transformational!  I feel like a different person.  I’m so grateful to be part of this Toltec community and to have Allan as my teacher.  Life is unfolding perfectly moment by moment. K.L., Sacramento CA

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