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Allan Hardman, Toltec MasterThis website and community are dedicated to all things Toltec—from the teachings of the ancients of Mexico, to the modern experience of related wisdom traditions. The core of ToltecOnline.com, TACO ~ the Toltec Apprentice Community Online, was opened as an online membership community in January 2002, and has been a healing resource for thousands of seekers since then. The newly updated ToltecOnline.com brings together articles, videos, and other media teachings from Allan Hardman—along with resources from Allan’s teacher don Miguel Ruiz, many other Toltec teachers, and the internet. Go to our  Resources page to browse links to other teachers of the Toltec tradition, suggested books and movies for study and enjoyment, The Dreaming House at Teotihuacan, and, of course, surprises.

TACO is a rich learning and personal growth community in the Toltec tradition of Miguel Ruiz and The Four Agreements, utilizing extensive text written by Toltec Master Allan Hardman, along with chat rooms, forums, audios, videos, teleconferences, exercises, and optional personal guidance by don Allan or mentor graduates of TACO. Allan’s online TACO community has been newly revised, deepened, broadened, expanded, enriched, enlivened, improved, and technologically enhanced…all the while maintaining its down-home and accessible character. To learn more about TACO, your Toltec Apprentice Community Online, go here. Joydancer Allan Hardman

ToltecOnline.com is a brother site to Allan Hardman’s Joydancer.com, where Allan offers his counseling expertise on conscious relationships, inner child work/play, health and wellness, and his powerful personal intensives…in addition to his invitation to join him at his winter home, the House of the Eagles, at the beach in Chacala, Nayarit, Mexico. ToltecOnline.com and TACO are the gathering place of your tribe. We are growing anew, and hope you will linger here, dig deep, and participate.

The Toltec wisdom changes lives. Yours?

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