In Teotihuacan, Mexico


2017 – Dates to be announed


Teotihuacan is a pyramid and temple complex built thousands of years ago by a society of artists and spiritual seekers as the place where “humans awaken and remember their divinity.” Teotihuacan is a living being, ready to welcome you and hold you in the light of the truth of your Being. This journey has the potential to radically transform your life!

An Adventure in Awakening

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Our intention for this week is to awaken into the reality of our oneness with Life. It is easy to intellectualize it, to read and talk about it, or dream that “maybe someday.” If it is your time to live this reality in your daily life now, please be with us and join your intention with ours. You are invited to be serious about your intentions for your experience, and to remember to laugh, play, and enjoy—that is serious work, too!

These five days in the pyramids will be devoted to understanding the limiting power of the old agreements and belief systems in your life…and to releasing what no longer serves you. Freed from the past and releasing your attachment to the unknowable future, you will arrive in the Now, the most beautiful present you could ever give yourself. The present is the experience of pure love, the release of your inner judge, the embrace of the child within, and the gateway to an adult life lived with presence and passion. This is the Adventure in Awakening to the truth of Love—the love that created you, the love that animates you, and the love that is the truth of what you are.

You will return home with a heart filled with love, new healing tools, a mysterious smile, friends to support your continuing growth (if needed!), and receive a free month of Basic membership in don Allan’s Toltec Apprentice Community Online (“TACO”).

Allan Hardman has immersed himself in the magic of “Teo” since 1995, and looks forward to sharing that magic with you this fall. Note: don Allan and Julia have added a day to Allan’s usual journey schedule, to offer you a fuller experience of the spiritual power of Teotihuacan and the alchemy of the group.

Teotihuacan is about 30 miles north east of Mexico City. Transportation is included.


WHEN ~ Arrival and departure schedule

2017 – Dates to be announced

Arrival: When you arrange your flight to Mexico City, please plan to arrive before 4:00 pm for the scheduled group transportation to the Dreaming House.

Departure: Make sure your flight leaves after 2:00 pm.

Transportation can be arranged for non-group times, however there will be a charge of about $60 USD.

The Dreaming House LODGING

The Dreaming House  was built by and for Toltecs. It is a very comfortable and safe walled and gated property in San Sebastian, the small town next to the pyramids. Your host Alberto Hernandez, and manager Emily Grieves will welcome and care for you like family. Your delicious meals are prepared and served on-site in a charming Mexican dining room and outdoor patio.  Note there is a wonderful artisans store at the Dreaming House—if you want to take home memories bring cash, preferably pesos. Credit cards are accepted.

PREPARINGPyramdi of the moon

The weather for this journey should be mild in the days and cooler in the evenings, transitioning from the rainy to dry season. AND anything could happen, so come prepared for hot, cold, wet, dry. The elevation of Teo is a bit over 7,000 ft. Check Mexico City for the latest weather.

Walking and climbing pyramids requires some degree of “in-shape-ness,” so now is the time to increase your exercise program and add some stair climbing (no one will be left behind).


We require you to have travel insurance for our journeys. You can use Allianz or many others to purchase it on line. It’s not expensive. Make sure you don’t include coverage you don’t need. Do include emergency evacuation.

To see videos of Allan teaching in Teo, use this link to ToltecOnline.com.


Teo- Allan teaching, stepsThis is a Toltec journey of awakening into our divinity– there can be no organized or printed schedule beyond what is here. Everything will be taken care of.

First day:  The journey begins with arrival, an evening meal, and group meeting.

Event days: During the days the group will enter the pyramid complex for teaching, ceremonies, and your inner journey of awakening. Walk the labyrinth. You will meet as a group most evenings to share.

Last day: Morning meal, group meeting, preparation for departure.


The price of $1295 for the week includes your ground transportation to and from the Mexico City airport, double occupancy accommodations and all meals at The Dreaming House, and more. You are responsible for your airfare. A $250 deposit holds your space. Do it now. See below for details.

To ask questions, contact don Allan in California directly at donallan@ToltecOnline.com, or 707-528-1271. In Ireland or the UK, contact Julia Lane at julia.lane@mail.com.


  • Group transportation round trip from Mexico City airport to the Dreaming House
  • Accommodations at The Dreaming House 
  • Six nights, double-occupancy, private baths
  • All meals at the Dreaming House –breakfast, late lunch & evening comida
  • Bottled water
  • Site entrance fees
  • All Teachings


  • Round-trip airfare to Mexico City
  • Travel insurance – mandatory on our journeys. Information on registration
  • Gratuities for Dreaming House staff as desired
  • Extra meals, meals away from the Dreaming House
  • Additional alcoholic beverages (one is included with your meal)
  • Personal expenses such as phone calls, laundry, massages.


The Money Details:

The cost of this Adventure is $1,295. Use the link below to thUnderworlde Joydancer store to make your non-refundable deposit of $250, payment in full of $1,295, or pay your balance of $1,045. If you wish, add a single room supplement of $300.

Final payment is due 30 days before departure. Any cancellation made in writing before 30 days will result in a $150.00 USD cancellation fee. Any cancellation made after the 30 days up to your trip departure will result in a loss of your $250.00 USD deposit along with any non-refundable payments made to our suppliers in Mexico. Any cancellation made after the trip departs will result in total loss of trip funds.

 Go to the Joydancer store here.   

Upon registration you will receive these forms to complete and return to us:

  • Trip Application
  • Health Statement
  • Liability and Release Form
  • Suggestions on what to pack

You will need a passport to travel to Mexico. The passport must be valid for at least 6 months beyond the trip dates.

About Your Guides on This Journey

Allan nagual smiling shot – Version 3Allan Hardman is an elder in the Eagle Knight lineage of Toltec teacher and author don Miguel Ruiz. Allan began his ten-year apprenticeship with don Miguel in 1995 and has continued to practice and teach the Toltec spiritual wisdom and tools of the Toltec since then. He is passionate about personal and emotional transformation, and spiritual awakening.

Allan’s back ground also includes many years of spiritual psychology and as a counseling hypnotherapist. His unconditional love, piercing insight, and delightful sense of humor offer a powerful and safe space for his students and apprentices to step into their own self-discovery and love. He is an expert at revealing and transforming the hidden belief systems that limit and sabotage our lives—and showing the way to our awakening into who and what we truly are.

Allan is the author of The Everything Toltec Wisdom Book and co-author of two books with Deepak Chopra, Caroline Myss, Dr. Andrew Weil, and others.

Julia at Spring Lake – Version 2Julia Lane has been a successful London-based actress, a planter of Irish forest gardens, a shamanic reflexologist, an expert in thrifty design and home de-cluttering, and a singer/ songwriter. She is currently raising teenage daughters in Waterford, Ireland. She has been studying with Allan Hardman for five years and guides Open Heart Circle in Waterford where she offers her version of the radical self-acceptance of the Toltec tradition.

Julia is delighted to be by Allan’s side as his beloved and to add her intuitive mysticism to his loving wisdom. She has learned that an open heart welcomes back all that we are, to a kindergarten haven for our abandoned selves. There, in the sanctuary of our own love, the need for our stories falls away and we awaken to the truth that we are Life come here as Love, to play on the instrument of the human heart. In Teo, she will guide you to release the past, detach from the future, and open your eyes in the sacred present as the eyes of creation itself.

Listen here to one of Julia’s songs, “Nature Lover” (1:59) Click here for lyrics



 From Julia’s Open Heart Circle in Ireland:

“Julia, thank you for the meditation last night. The session helped me acknowledge myself and what was going on for me. I left feeling perhaps maybe I did have the right to be heard! This Is really BIG for me. Thank you sincerely for helping me to find the love for myself, the words and the courage.” J C. Waterford.

Allan and Julia teaching together in Ireland:

 “My main focus now is to love and accept myself and to know believe that I am complete , just the way God created me. Thank you Allan and Julia. Our lives are so much better since I met you.” Brian H, Waterford

What Teo adventurers say!

 “What is truly amazing working with Allan is how simple it is to step into who you really are in his presence, because his devotion to your particular healing is so attentive and complete.  He has nothing to prove and he is not afraid of anything. This experience with him in Teotihuacan was such a leap into faith in life, into the love that I am…what could possibly hold you back from giving it to yourself?”   Marianne, VT.

“The trip to Teotihuacan … was amazing, from start to finish.  Beauty, power, love, connection, affection, support … emotional healing, honesty. I feel so blessed and grateful.”  Vanita L., California


The Money Details (again):

The cost of this Adventure is $1,295. Use the link below to the Joydancer store to make your non-refundable deposit of $250, payment in full of $1,295, or pay your balance of $1,045. If you wish, add a single room supplement of $250.

Final payment is due 30 days before departure. Any cancellation made in writing before 30 days will result in a $150.00 USD cancellation fee. Any cancellation made after the 30 days up to your trip departure will result in a loss of your $250.00 USD deposit along with any non-refundable payments made to our suppliers in Mexico. Any cancellation made after the trip departs must result in total loss of trip funds.

Go to the Joydancer store here.  

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