Apprenticeship In the Toltec Tradition

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Since time immemorial, people have been transferring skills from one generation to another in some form of apprenticeship. Four thousand years ago, the Babylonian Code of Hammurabi provided that artisans teach their crafts to youth. The records of Egypt, Greece, and Rome from earliest times reveal that skills were still being passed on in this fashion. When youth in olden days achieved the status of craft workers, they became important members of society. In those earlier times, apprenticeship was often like being an indentured servant. There was little or no financial support and the apprenticeship agreement could last for several years—often beginning in childhood. Today’s craft apprenticeships are keeping alive the knowledge of many skills that in other times were passed on largely by family tradition, from fathers to sons generation after generation. The dictionary says: The word “apprenticeship” comes from the Old French aprentiz meaning “someone learning” and the Anglian suffix -scip, meaning “state, condition of being.” An apprenticeship is when someone is in a state or condition of learning from a master in a field.smSerpent color

Apprenticeship in the Toltec Tradition with Allan Hardman

There are two forms of apprenticeship in TACO ~ the Toltec Apprentice Community Online (neither of which require servitude or many years of indentured study!).

The first is the Basic member apprenticeship relationship that is held by all members of the TACO community. The energetic connection is present and shared throughout the membership. Many hundreds of people have changed their lives completely by diligent study and joyful involvement in the online community.Apprenticeship Allan Hardman The second form of apprenticeship here at ToltecOnline and TACO is to be a personal apprentice of don Allan Hardman, which is a privilege available to a limited number of people. Apprentice is very different from “student” — which is a valuable relationship itself. The difference is energy. When don Allan accepts an apprentice he creates an energetic connection that supports the apprentice’s journey from beginning to end. Allan asks for a six-month commitment from his apprentices, and many extend their agreement to continue refining their transformation.

This one-on-one personal apprenticeship Apprenticeship with Allan Hardmanwith don Allan is a powerful way to explore and change your dream and attain the freedom you’ve been searching for. Allan invites prospective TACO members who are committed to their transformation to choose a personal apprenticeship with him. You may choose the level of intensity of the work you want with don Allan– talking with him once, twice, or four times a month. The hour is yours for questions about TACO, guidance resolving personal issues, learning tools of transformation, stalking and changing beliefs, and journeying together to reclaim your personal power.

Allan has 25 years of experience supporting spiritual growth and has the power to move you past obstacles, help you embrace your fears and pains, heal relationships, develop a deeper intimacy with yourself and others, and take you all the way to celebrating your divinity. Perhaps it is your time to take that first step on your path to absolute personal freedom from the constrictions of your old dream. If you recognize the value of traveling the path with a true master, we encourage you to join TACO at a personal apprenticeship level that best meets your needs. Your journey starts here: Join TACO.

Note that Allan Hardman is also available for counseling appointments for all of life’s joys and challenges—relationships, health, inner child, trauma, life confusion, life purpose, and so much more. Locally, phone, Skype.
(707) 528-1271

Allan is truly a wonderful teacher and guide and I feel so blessed to be his apprentice!

KM, Montana

Over the last … few months, a state of joyful awareness has become the norm for me.  I just wanted to tell you that what I learned by doing all the inner work you presented and challenged us with in TACO, though very difficult at times was well worth the effort.  I consider you to be one of my most influential teachers.  I’m now incorporating what I learned to help others enjoy life by living in joy.

R. Doden, Oklahoma

Well Being Consultant,

Allan Hardman will hunt you and hold you in ruthless love until you are healed and ready to be released back into the wild.

JL - Ireland

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