Allan’s story of meeting don Miguel Ruiz

I didn’t walk away

Allan Hardman don Miguel RuizIn early 1995, I had this dream: I was leaving a simple cafe, probably in Mexico. As I walked past a booth, I saw a man earnestly speaking to his young companion. My instant thought was “That is a Nagual, talking to his apprentice. That is the teacher I have been looking for!” I hesitated, then heard they were speaking Spanish, and, in disappointment, continued out the door. When I got outside, I realized that I could understand what the teacher was saying, it was English! I turned to go back into the cafe, but the door was locked, and I couldn’t get back in. In the dream, I vowed never to let that happen again. If the teacher appeared again, I would not walk away.

A few weeks later, someone told me that there was a Toltec Nagual teaching in Sacramento, 2 hours from my home in Northern California. Within a short time, I found myself in the presence of don Miguel Ruiz. I didn’t walk away. I stayed. I joined every teaching opportunity. In addition to the many workshops he offered at that time, I traveled with don Miguel to countless sacred sites — Teotihuacán, Oaxaca, Palenque, Chichen Itza and Tulúm in Mexico; the Mayan temples of Honduras and Guatemala; the Great Pyramids of Egypt; Machu Picchu, Peru; and even Mt. Shasta, California.

In time, he began to ask some of his early apprentices to teach with him. More and more people were being drawn to his message, and it was our turn now. Clearly, teaching was the new way of learning for many of us. Then it was time to go solo. He had faith in us, and always great love for us. He had faith in me, and huge patience. I will always be grateful for the love and patience of Miguel Ruiz. He gave me Life. He showed me the power of a Life lived in acceptance and love for creation and creator. Miguel showed me the key to living in a happiness that is purely mine, and that no one can take away from me. He now offers to the world what he shared with those of us fortunate to meet him personally—he gives us a reflection of our divine perfection. He offers us al the gift of pure love.

Several years ago, I asked don Miguel “How can I ever show you my gratitude for what you have given me?” His answer was simple: “Share with others what you have become through this experience with me.” And that is what I have done ever since.

Let’s share this journey together. I invite you to explore my Toltec Apprentice Community Online, TACO, here.


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