On Becoming a Toltec Dream Master

Allan Hardman

You awaken from your nightmare and….

We awaken to the truth that “reality” is all a dream and we are the dreamers. In your nightmare, you are running and running… there is no way to escape… you feel the fear pounding through your body. Suddenly, you awaken, maybe drenched in sweat, and realize that it was only a bad dream. You were dreaming it, and it was not real. You are safe. Imagine with me that your life now is only a dream. Imagine that you are asleep in a different way, dreaming your life, projecting it out through your belief systems and agreements into a world that simply dreams it with you. Perhaps your dream scares you. Or perhaps it seems out of your control, and you are running, running, and there is nowhere to feel safe. Now imagine what it would feel like to awaken and realize that you have been dreaming this dream of your life, and it is not real… no more real than your nightmare. Imagine that you could awaken and discover that everything you believe and know to be “true” about life and the world is only a dream. You awaken to discover that a long time ago, you were “domesticated.” You were taught the dream of your life by the people that were there ahead of you, dreaming their dream of life together. Allan arms out embracing TeoYou awaken, and in your new awareness, you decide to dream your dream for yourself. You decide to become a master of your own awareness, to direct your own attention and discover what you believe to be true. You awaken from their dream, and begin to dream your own dream. And you feel safe, maybe for the first time. With the Toltec Masteries of Awareness, Transformation, and Intent, we awaken to the truth that “reality” is all a dream and we are the dreamers. In our awakening, we rebel against our domestication, and create our new dream of life.

You awaken, you become a Dream Master, and your life becomes a masterpiece of art.

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