Allan Hardman Toltec Master“Meet the Master – We Are Perfect”  Allan Hardman

One evening by the fireside in Waterford, Ireland, Allan Hardman shared his Toltec Wisdom with an intimate group of souls. Join us here to share part of that evening…

Sacramento Church“Apprenticeship Memories and Living The Four Agreements”

Allan Hardman speaks to a church gathering in Sacramento, California. He shares his memories of his apprenticeship with Miguel Ruiz and how don Miguel’s gift of unconditional love changed his life forever. Allan expands on the core Toltec teachings of Dreaming and Domestication, and passionately makes the case that living The Four Agreements leads to happiness and freedom.

“Heaven On Earth — Easter, 2002”

smAllan Hardman praying C of FOn February 28, 2002, Toltec author and teacher Miguel Ruiz suffered a serious heart attack. When the members of the Toltec Community gathered for their annual Easter Celebration at the end of March, don Miguel was lying in a coma in a hospital. His core of trained teachers presented a beautiful weekend in his absence. For many years don Miguel has used this season of Lent and Easter as a special time for his apprentices and students to strengthen their will and prepare for a new cycle of the teachings….

“On Sunday… Allan Hardman was invited to open the morning and prepare everyone for the Easter ceremony of communion with the Divine…as Allan surrendered himself more and more during his sharing, he began to open to the truth of the I AM. As he did so, a transcendent moment came when he experienced the loving presence of Miguel Ruiz… Take this journey into Heaven on Earth with Allan Hardman.”   (Opening narration by Jessica McKay, Intuitive)

Allan with hat, Teo (no feather)“Ritual and Ceremony” – Miguel Ruiz Jr. interviews Allan Hardman

In 2009, Allan Hardman was interviewed by Miguel Ruiz Jr. about ceremony and leading ritual. Here is that recording, that Allan shares with delight and great affection.

To purchase more Toltec audios by don Allan, go here.

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