The Perfection of the Universe

It took me several years of spiritual seeking, therapy, and working with don Miguel Ruiz (The Four Agreements), to realize we can never be perfect by working on perfecting ourselves.

The Toltec Warrior Remembers

To suffer is to be a victim, to feel hurt or angry about how we are treated by the world. It is the feeling that the world goes against us. We feel betrayed by the world. And we have no control over what the world does to us….

The Perfect Dream

This is a “must read” for anyone who wants to understand the deepest gift of the Toltec Wisdom: We are all dreaming reality, all the time.

The Light and the Smoky Mirror

In his book The Four Agreements,™ Miguel Ruiz begins by telling the story of “a human just like you and me.” This human is dreaming in a cave, and in his dream he sees himself going out, looking up into the starry night sky, and discovering something very wonderful….

Prophecies and the Evolution of the Human Dream

Throughout history, humans have wanted to know about the future, about what is going to happen with humanity. We live in a universe whose real nature is unknowable, and, to a human mind that has the need to know, it appears unsafe….

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