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“Creating Spiritual Community Through Love in Action”

 The Toltec Apprentice Community Online is the hangout of your tribe. This program has many of the features of social network sites like Facebook and others, except everyone involved here is present for one purpose: To use the Toltec wisdom to overcome the confines of their childhood domestication and the limitations of beliefs and agreements from their past… and live their adult lives with passion, love, and conscious awareness. We are here to learn and practice unconditional love—for ourselves, each other, and for the healing of our world.

Your task is not to seek for love,

but merely to seek and find

all the barriers within yourself

that you have built against it.


Toltec WarriorTACO Features:

  • Detailed and very extensive teaching text by don Allan Hardman, arranged into nine “Gateways,” three for each of the three Toltec masteries (Awareness, Transformation, Intent).
  • Audios and videos from don Allan to compliment the text.
  • Each Gateway divided into 15 – 20 “Pathsteps.”
  • Self-reflection questions at the end of each Gateway.
  • Member profiles, intra-TACO messaging, “Share it!” pages
  • A chat room and member forums to meet, learn, and share with your fellow members
  • Exclusive TACO member TeleClasses and e-mails with don Allan
  • Book and movie suggestions to deepen your experience in each Gateway
  • A page printing option for studying under the apple tree
  • Photo albums, and beautiful graphics throughout.
  • A ‘Just For Fun’ section to remind us that spirituality is not all serious
  • A companion Tarot journey by intuitive Jessica McKay.
  • An optional Mentor to guide your journey
Benefits of Taco

TACO Includes:

  • 100’s of pages of teaching text by don Allan
  • Available in 90 languages
  • Over 100 action exercises
  • 35 audios from don Allan
  • 18 videos from don Allan
  • 14 Toltec music tracks
  • The option to upgrade your membership to a personal apprenticeship with don Allan Hardman
  • PLUS Tarot journey, Just for Fun, Glossary

Toltec GroupHow TACO Works When you decide to join TACO, you will be invited to a page with membership options (see below). Once you have made the commitment to yourself and passed through the portal to the membership section you will create a profile, read more about how to use the site, and enter Gateway One when you are ready. Ready? Join Here!

There are nine Gateways, each with 12-20 Pathsteps. Each month a new Gateway will be added to your member menu. To get the most benefit from this powerful program it has been designed so that you cannot move through it faster than one Gateway a month. Note that this online community is best viewed and used on a large device, such as a real computer. It is technologically adapted to small devices, however there is an abundance of material here and we don’t want you to miss any of it!
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Outline of the Gateways

Mastery of Awareness
GW-1: Surrender in Hell
GW-2: The Book of Lies
GW-3: Awakening

Mastery of Transformation
GW-4: Breaking the Human Form
GW-5: Recapitulation
GW-6: Redeeming Your Parasite

The Mastery of Intent
GW-7: An Artist of Your Life
GW-8: Living the Toltec Wisdom
GW-9: A Spiritual Journey Through Teotihuacan

Sample of Pathsteps

Gateway Two – The Warrior and The Book of Lies

Pathstep 2-1: Introduction to Gateway 2

Pathstep 2-2: The Spiritual Warrior

Pathstep 2-3: The Qualities of the Spiritual Warrior

Pathstep 2-4:  Educating the Warrior About the Perfection of the Victim

Pathstep 2-5: The Warrior and Active Self-Acceptance

PathStep 2-6: The Warrior and Responsibility

PathStep 2 – 7: The TACO Spiritual Warrior Knows…

Pathstep 2-8: The Warrior and Stalking

Pathstep 2-9: The Warrior and The Mitote Book (Book of Lies)

Pathstep 2-10: The Warrior and Initiating the Mitote Book

Pathstep 2-11: Using the Mitote Book

PathStep 2-12: The TACO Toltec Secret Sacred Mantra

PathStep 2-13: A Recap of Gateway Two

Pathstep 2-14. Your Gateway Two Self Reflection Questions

Sample Text from Gateway 2 - Pathstep 8

The Mitote in your mind is a jungle. The Parasite lives and hides there, hunting you, and attacking you. It supports and uses against you all of your knowledge, beliefs, opinions, agreements, and fears. For a long time, it has been hooking the attention of your Victim Child, and infecting him or her with its fear. It is now time for YOU, the Spiritual Warrior, to become the hunter in the jungle of your mind — and for the Parasite to become your prey. As you become the hunter, you stalk the fear, lies, and the judgments of the Parasite. You grab the Parasite by the back of the neck and shake it until it releases its power over the Victim. Your task is to learn everything about your prey: What are its habits? Where does it feed? What paths does it use to get from one place to the other in the jungle? When does it sleep? (Hint: Never!). What makes it vulnerable? You spread yourself out on a high tree branch, and watch the Parasite move about in the jungle. When you are ready, you attack your prey.

Sample text from Gateway 3, Pathstep 3-1: Introduction to Gateway 3

We are building on your earlier foundation. I really want you to do this work thoroughly. As I have said before, my intent for you is that you never have to come back here to the lies and fear again. Work with the Mitote Book and the lies until you recognize them all (most?). Please, please, do not cheat yourself out of this liberating experience. The Parasite would love to have you skip along, touching the surface, ticking off the Gateways, and pretending that the awareness and healing are taking place. Do not fall for that trick! Have you not been seduced into falling for that trick before? Has it served you? How many books, teachers, workshops, retreats, or spiritual practices have offered freedom and been sabotaged by the Parasite…? Has doing it the old way given you the results that you wanted? Stand up to the Parasite! Be the Warrior and face the lies, reveal the old beliefs, write the old agreements, and see the program that has been running your life. Soon we will be transforming the old program, and you must have awareness of what you are transforming! I rest my case. I so deeply desire for you the freedom for which your heart and soul have been longing.

Don’t waste another moment! Join TACO now, and begin your journey to self-acceptance and personal freedom. With memberships beginning at $45 a month, and a 30-day, money-back guarantee, there is every good reason to join this living community and find out just how good life can be!
“Thank you Allan and everyone here! “I am deeply grateful for all of you and when I think of this space that don Allan has created for all of us to bring in the new dream for the planet and all of us sharing it I feel the love in me expanding. “This space here at TACO is a space of safety and love and wise counsel. It is a space where I know I can visit and express whatever I need to share, and share your explorations of the new dream. “You are all amazing and that is what I would like to express this Thanksgiving Day. The amazingness of everyone here and Allan’s amazingness for creating this space for all of us … to reach out … to share … to express what it is to be each of us as we are and as we are becoming. “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” Cindy Toltec, British Columbia

“The collective energy of this group is phenomenal, powerful, and contagious…” K.M., California

Thanks to don Allan for his teaching.. the concept of Parasite (judge, victim, etc.) on one side and Toltec warrior on the other.. is one of most profound tools.. for me, it gives me hope.. I see immense possibility… how to understand myself, stop abusing myself and get in charge of my life. Jan H, Prague

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