“Creating Spiritual Community Through Love in Action”

TACO is dedicated to helping you become the Artist of Your Life

Listen to this inspiring short piece “Artist of the Spirit” from don Allan’s Everything Toltec Wisdom Book, read by Julia Lane (:52)

Are you ready to become who you want to be?   In TACO you will create your life as a beautiful masterpiece of art…in the loving support of a community of people just like you. TACO ~ The Toltec Apprentice Community Online has been created to provide you with an interactive community and transformational learning experience. As a member you will. . .

  • Increase your personal power as you transform old fears and resistance into new personal freedom.
  • Discard limiting beliefs and celebrate the freedom to make clear choices about your life.
  • Release habits and addictions that have controlled you in the past and experience peace of mind, clarity of thought, and an open heart.
  • Experience an exquisite happiness that comes from inside you, and cannot be taken away.
  • And be that powerful artist of Life that you were meant to be.

We came into this world to play, create, and love! Let’s live that way now! Why waste another moment?


Membership Options

There are four levels at which you are invited to join TACO: Basic, Jaguar, Eagle, and Quetzalcoatl. The features and costs are listed below. As a Basic member, you will have the option to choose a Mentor to support you, at no cost. The Basic level is essentially self-guided (plus the Mentor option), while the other levels include personal apprenticeship with don Allan Hardman. The personal apprentice options include hour-long calls with don Allan and email support as noted below— along with special discounts and other benefits. Allan requests that you offer yourself a six-month commitment to personal apprenticeship– contact him to confirm availability and receive instructions at: donallan@tolteconline.com, or 707-528-1271. The monthly costs are:

    • Basic — Self-guided mastery, including all the features of TACO — $45
    • Jaguar — adds 1 hour call + one email monthly — $195
    • Eagle — adds 2 calls + two emails monthly — $385
    • Quetzalcoatl — adds 4 calls + daily emails monthly, the fast track — $795
We offer a 30 day guarantee: If you join TACO at any level and discover the program and community do not meet your needs, and you let us know before your second billing cycle begins, we will be happy to refund your first month membership fee (staff@tolteconline.com).

Basic Level

  • TACO Gateways (Self-guided)
  • Allan in weekly chat
  • Monthly Teleclass
  • Optional Mentoring
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Eagle Level

  • BASIC and JAGUAR benefits PLUS:
  • 2 Skype or phone calls a month
  • 2 e-mails a month
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Quetzacoatl Level

  • Fast and Thorough!
  • BASIC, JAGUAR & EAGLE level benefits PLUS:
  • 4 Skype or phone calls a month
  • Daily e-mails as needed
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