“I’m so grateful to be part of this Toltec community”

Many people send us messages of gratitude about the Toltec path and Allan Hardman’s teaching. We have collected some of those messages here, and share them with you in the hope they will inspire you and others to join our community. There are many ways to participate in these teachings, from TACO online, to journeys, to webinars, to personal intensives… and with Allan’s fellow teachers.

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The Magic of Studying With Allan A grateful participant on a journey to Teotihuacan talks to don Allan about his appreciation of his mastery as a teacher. Steve was a long-time member of TACO, and now lives his dream life teaching English in China. What is your dream life, and what beliefs and agreements from the past limit your full expression of that dream…? Perhaps you are in the right place here, at the right time, to step into the right teaching, with a powerful teacher, in a loving community, and change your life forever.

Linda shares about her personal Intensive with Allan Hardman Allan is available for consultations and coaching for Life’s issues in person, and by telephone or video. He is an expert at helping you to identify the beliefs, agreements, and lies that live in your mind and limit your life. His work holds you in a huge container of acceptance and love. You will learn to find that same acceptance for yourself. Personal Intensives are a chance to take advantage of sitting with a master and his absolute attention for as many hours and days as you want. Don Allan suggests five days, to give you the absolute chance of finding and releasing the blocks that limit your life, but you are the boss. Allan can arrange Personal Intensives in Santa Rosa, CA, or at the beach in Chacala, Nayarit, Mexico.

Toltec heart


“It has been an amazing time, this past year or so, with all of you and yes … I have made some progress thanks in large part to all of you and Allan … I can not emphasize enough how effective his teachings are. I have been to many counselors, healers, read the books — and the most progress I made was after beginning at TACO. I am so thankful that Allan began TACO and I really hope it stays and grows and more people can discover the magic that is there. It is a God-send for those of us who live in areas where this is not available in any other way … thank God for Allan, for TACO and for the internet … and for all of you, my fellow members.” CB, British Columbia.


“I spent the last 5 days in a personal intensive with Allan Hardman. There is really no way to describe the experience. I was provided with more than I can ever imagine. Allan tailored the sessions to my needs. He doesn’t do a ‘one fits all’ style. His love wraps around you and creates a safe place to delve into one’s most painful experiences and process your emotions. I have tried many types of healing and therapy and none of them come close to the full experience that Allan offers.” CB, CT

“The expansion of awareness we came home with is still expanding! Our relationship has been transformed, truly. What a relief to let go of the outcome of things…how easy and non-defensive we’ve become with each other.  The acceptance of ourselves just naturally transfers to acceptance of each other!  Wonderful stuff–thank you Allan!” (anon)

My intensive with Allan was transformational!  I feel like a different person.  I’m so grateful to be part of this Toltec community and to have Allan as my teacher.  Life is unfolding perfectly moment by moment.” Kim L, Sacramento, CA


“Thank you so much for this beautiful message. Your words somehow reach right into my soul. I love how you make things sound so simple and beautiful”.   Frances

“Thank you for shining your light… Always beautiful, always inspiring, and always just the right words at just the right time.” LH, California

“I just read your newsletter, and was overwhelmed with gratitude for your spirit, heart, and the work you are doing in the world!”  Much love,  Dawson Church  Publisher, Elite Books


“Allan you are perfection, what a gift you are to all. Thank you for my TV interview with you today. I was in a vortex of pure white light, guided by your wisdom and love.” Victoria, CA

“We all watched your interview last week for our regular group meeting. What a pure delight!  And it was so smooth, and such a beautiful expression of who you are, and the depth of the Toltec path.” PM, California

“I am just so thankful for your sharing and for the opportunity to listen through the use of computer technology. many blessings beauty and harmony abound sue I showed your video interview to some of my clients. One of them cried when watching it, another said that he would write a rap song about self-love and the emotions that were poisoning him before. It is so so cool, thank you so much.” (Anon)

“What a beautiful honest interview that is full of presence and love and kindness, TRUTH is flowing through every word you speak Allan, what a blessing to witness you dance your dance, Love.” Sheila, Ireland.

“Wow, I love how clearly you talk about investing faith in LIFE and how the guide is inside ourselves. Thank you for the great reminders, beautiful, clear, simple, deep message! I have a lot to think about now after listening to the teleclass tonight … it has given me the direction, the roadmap, that I have been looking for with regard to future relationships. I have been so afraid to ever get into another relationship and yet I have had this overwhelming desire to have one … a real bouncing back and forth … more conflict. Now I have the tools to understand why. It seems I have been searching my whole life for these answers and now I am finally receiving them and it feels so good … such a relief … thank you!”  Cindy, Canada

“That particular teleclass was a distinctive, magnificent, brilliant masterpiece even among the great treasure trove of the works of Allan Hardman.  Allan shared a soaring eagle meditation that is still living inside me. It seems suddenly that I do have an eagle within me continually. He brought it to us out of the dust of the most mundane ordinary moments of our daily life. Even up to the final moments of the class it was a most precious gem.”   MDP, Vermont

“Don Allan, I GREATLY enjoyed your teleclass last night. I got off the phone and it took a few minutes to all sink in. But, today I have been thinking about it all day long. I want to thank you so much for offering the teleclasses. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you! You are awesome!”  Megan, Nevada

“Your teleclass presentation entitled “There is Nobody Out There” was, in a word, PERFECT! Your content was so well chosen, and your style and delivery (timing, passionate love, enthusiasm) were so very very eloquent. You are an outstanding gift to the world with a message and the perfect energy to deliver it.”    In love, S.R., Arizona

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