The Perfection of the Universe


It took me several years of spiritual seeking, therapy, and working with don Miguel Ruiz (The Four Agreements), to realize we can never be perfect by working on perfecting ourselves. In this video I offer you my version of a spiritual life; one lived in knowing that we and this entire universe are perfect right here, right now. In fact, I know of no animal, galaxy, insect, earthworm, eagle, or microbe that believes it has to be more or do more in order to be worthy of being part of Life. The belief most of us take for granted— that we must improve ourselves to be okay, whether by pursuing a spiritual life, losing weight, or finding the perfect mate– is a uniquely human perception of self and universe.

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If we accept that we are perfect expressions of the one energy that creates and animates this perfect universe, the question arises: “How do we accept that reality and not want to change ourselves?” If it is self-judgment that motivates your desire to change, I invite you to consider the option of self-acceptance and self-love as the foundation of your personal growth.

Perfection of the Universe

The creative Life force in this universe is not judging us, and I would suggest that being in alignment with Life through love and acceptance of ourselves and all creation will offer us whatever healing or guidance we need. 
If the old ideas haven’t served us, perhaps it’s worth giving something new a try.
In my Toltec Apprentice Community Online, TACO we start our journey to personal freedom by focusing on the ways we were programmed and domesticated as children. We see how we learned to accept the judgments of our caregivers and now have an inner judge who brings them into our adult lives. The inner judge continues to control our behavior by enforcing those old rules.

There is a child part in us that is a victim of those judgments. Our awareness of the inner judge and victim child, and how they control our adult lives, is an important part of our emotional healing. I call the part of us that is aware of the limitations of our domestication, and has strong intent to transform our life ‘The Spiritual Warrior’.


Here is an excerpt from my Toltec Apprentice Community Online content:

TACO Gateway 2, Pathstep 4:  Educating the Warrior About the Perfection of the Victim

What do I mean when I say your Victim is perfect? What is your reaction? Do you agree with me, or are you rolling your eyes, with “Sure, think that if you want, Allan, but if you knew the truth about me . . . Perfect? I don’t think so?” That voice is your Judge, doing exactly what he knows how to do. You see, I don’t believe him. If you do, then that is our work. How does it feel when you believe him? Feel it in your body. He is talking to the Victim child. Stop and feel how your body reacts to the judgment. Then imagine how you would feel all of the time without that feeling. That is where we are going.”

The Logic

Let’s apply a little logic for the education of The Warrior: there is no way to be different than who you are. The Judge says you should be like someone else . . . like many someone else’s! How exactly is this possible? You can only be you, doing what you do in this moment. The Judge says, “Yes, maybe so, but you should have known better. You should have been more careful (paid more attention, listened to your mother, checked with a wine expert, waited to be sure, shopped for a better price, checked to see what other people were doing or wearing, not been such an impatient fool), and that wouldn’t have happened.
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