The Everything Toltec Wisdom Book

by Allan Hardman

ETWAllan_Allan Hardman is an insightful, poetic and compelling writer. The Everything Toltec Wisdom Book provides a fascinating look inside yourself, into the deepest truth of who you are, and gives you an easy to implement, step-by-step guide to using Toltec Wisdom to live a life that is happy, fulfilling, and successful. Learn powerful tools to heal yourself and create your life with a warrior’s clarity and purpose. This book will show you how to really live the wisdom of The Four Agreements.   You will understand and apply the three masteries of Toltec Wisdom to your life: The Mastery of Awareness, The Mastery of Transformation and The Mastery of Intent. Allan brings his unique background in emotional and spiritual healing into the Toltec Wisdom that was given to him by his teacher, don Miguel Ruiz.

Now you can follow this ancient tradition to transform the way you think, feel, and love!

“Allan Hardman became a true Toltec Master several years ago, and it is the way he lives his life… For sure, you will enjoy this book very much.” don Miguel Ruiz

Author, The Four Agreements

Everything Toltec Wisdom WHAT YOU WON’T FIND IN THIS BOOK: What you will NOT find in this book is information about psychoactive plants of the jungle or desert, abstract information about the number of people needed in a Nagual party, or other ethnic traditions that are not directly related to how YOU can free yourself from the programming of the past and cultural demands of the present to live a liberated, creative, and loving life. You can buy this book in the Joydancer store now. $15, free shipping in USA.     


Watch as Emily Grieves from the Dreaming House in Teotihuacan raves about Allan’s book:

I just finished your Everything Toltec Wisdom Book and really enjoyed it. After reading Miguel Ruiz’s books and other Toltec work it was nice to have everything so clearly and thoroughly explained and illustrated.  I appreciate the love you put into this creation. AH, Reno, Nevada

I just finished your Toltec Wisdom Book. Wow!!! I had read all of don Miguel Ruiz’s books, and was thirsting for more about Toltec. I came across your book and was just blown away. It really helped offer me a wider and well rounded view of Toltec teachings. I plan to return to page 1 and just reread the entire thing. Maybe 3 times!! Thank you for this book. I wish it were required reading in all the schools!! CK, Arlington, VA

Buy this book now!

Buy this book now for only $15 in the Joydancer Store. Free Shipping in the USA!
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