What is TACO?

TACO ~ The Toltec Apprentice Community Online

Creating Spiritual Community Through Love in Action

  • How would you like to be able to join your tribe of fellow seekers from around the world sharing the Toltec path?
  • What would you think of the opportunity to be a member of a Toltec spiritual community… learning, healing, growing, loving, and celebrating life together?
  • What if that community was right at your fingertips, online, accessible any time, and waiting for you?

Toltec Teotihuacan
The Toltec Apprentice Community Online (TACO)  is all that and much more. Add abundant teaching text by Toltec Master Allan Hardman arranged in nine Gateways—three for each Toltec mastery– throw in many audios and videos from don Allan, a chat room to share with your fellow members, intra-community messaging, delightful graphics, Mentors to support you, optional personal apprenticeship with Allan, and even an accompanying Tarot journey. Stir in big doses of love and acceptance and you will have TACO.


The TACO Experience

This Toltec Apprentice Community is a valuable resource fAllan Hardman Toltec Masteror you to change what we call your “personal dream” to one of freedom and love. It is here for anyone who longs for a community of like-minded seekers learning to live with common-sense spiritual principles and openness to the truth of What IS.

Allan Hardman has created a living interactive social community on-line, where you and he can share the transformational power of  Toltec Wisdom and related paths. You may choose to use this site for your own private study, or join in the conversations and activities of the Community in the spirit of apprenticeship. However you choose to participate, don Allan would like to invite you to experience a journey with him that could change your life forever. The Toltec knowledge and wisdom is here. A community of love and support is here. New friends and people who speak your language are here. And all of Allan’s love and intent for your personal freedom are here. Welcome.

A Short History of TACO

Allan Hardman began his ten-year apprenticeship with don Miguel Ruiz in 1995, and started sharing the Toltec wisdom on his website at Joydancer.com four years later. Because he was one of the first of don Miguel’s apprentices to begin teaching, and because Miguel Ruiz’s first book, The Four Agreements (1997), was rapidly gaining popularity, don Allan’s schedule was quickly filled with eager students, mostly long distance on the telephone (remember telephones?). Group SaltSpring Island, hands in airSearching for a way to meet the needs of everyone interested in studying the Toltec tradition, Allan conceived the idea of an online teaching program that would allow him to share with many more people. He found a programmer and together they created most of the software for an online program, first named something like “The Joydancer Toltec Teaching Training and Apprentice Learning Community Online,” which was gratefully soon shortened to the “Toltec Apprentice Community Online” ~ TACO. The first teaching Gateway went live in January 2002. (Note this was two years before MySpace and Facebook were created).

TACO has been through three major software updates and program expansions in its lifetime. The 2016 changes have made TACO the best Toltec learning and apprentice site, the best online spiritual community, and the most valuable healing and personal growth site in the history of the universe. At least that is what we think, you will have to decide for yourself.


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Toltec Quetzacoatl


Join don Allan Hardman, Toltec Elder in the Eagle Knight Lineage of don Miguel Ruiz, and make TACO your spiritual home. Allan is waiting for you.

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